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What Are The Benefits Of Double Glazing?

You, your family and your home, will all have individual needs, preferences and problems that double glazing can improve. Here are a few of the most important ones. Click the links to learn more.

That was just a list of the best-known benefits of double glazing. There are many more.


Why Choose Eco Home Solutions For Your Double Glazed Windows & Doors?

Wouldn’t you prefer to deal with a company that is professional, experienced, knowledgeable, helpful and friendly? We think you deserve that.  You also deserve to be able to choose from the best options for your home, your family.

People are different. Homes are different. Unfortunately, many double glazing businesses offer a choice of one- the one they make. At Eco Home Solutions, you can choose from three different ranges, to  get the right replacement windows for you.



    Thermotek 3000 Range

    Budget-Beater Range
  • Genuine double glazing (IGU’s)
  • High efficiency argon-filled gap
  • American profile uPVC framing
  • Feature 4
  • Feature 5
  • Feature 6
  • Feature 7
  • Feature 8

    Thermotek 5000 Range

    Premium Feature Range
  • Genuine double glazing (IGU’s)
  • High efficiency argon-filled gap
  • European profile uPVC framing
  • Feature 4
  • Feature 5
  • Feature 6
  • Feature 7
  • Feature 8

    Twinglaze Retrofit Range

    Save Using Your Existing Frames.
  • Genuine double glazing (IGU’s)
  • High efficiency argon-filled gap
  • Uses your existing frames
  • Feature 4
  • Feature 5
  • Feature 6
  • Feature 7
  • Feature 8


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Steeply increasing energy bills are creating a real impact on our weekly disposable spending and heating and cooling is our largest energy user, lapping up the kilojoules, the kilowatts and your household budget at an astonishing rate. There is no respite on the horizon so you can choose to accept this reality or take charge now and create your own relief.


Did you know that you could be losing 37% of the energy you are paying for through your windows and doors?

A staggering 37% of household energy is lost through your doors and windows and the quickest way towards energy savings is to improve the insulation of your building envelope’s weakest link.


Discover just a few of the many benefits that Double Glazing brings and what that means for YOU:

  1. Saving Energy – Becoming more energy efficient, cutting down bills and saving your money to put towards the more important things in life!
  2. Reduce Noise up to 70% – Cutting any nuisance noise down by up to 70% to give you a more peaceful lifestyle.
  3. Temperature Control and your Thermal Comfort– Staying comfortable in your home no matter what the temperature is outside.
  4. 6 Star Energy Rating – Helping to achieve that desired 6 or more star energy rating, this in return makes you more energy efficient and helps to improve the vale of your property.
  5. Low Maintenance – our uPVC framing does not require sanding back or oiling and will not rot like timber will, therefore you have more time to spend on the things that really do matter.

Learn more about how double glazing’s features benefit homes in Melbourne.


Gavin Webber- Melbourne Blogger of 'The Greening of Gavin'.Since we had our north facing windows replaced and had double glazed uPVC units installed a couple of months ago, our north facing rooms have been warm on cold days, and cool on hot ones. The difference in temperature from what these rooms used to be like is just incredible.

We had our glazing units installed by Eco Home Solutions who were professional…. I must say that Kim and I were very impressed with Eco Home Solutions’s customer service.

Gavin Webber- Sustainable Living Champion, and Author of The Greening of Gavin Blog.

Made In Melbourne

Here at Eco home Solutions we manufacture our products in our local Melbourne based factory. This allows us to provide a quality product at a competitive price. We have a great team that is passionate about equipping your home with the best Double Glazed uPVC windows and doors.

We can ensure our customer service will be second to none with a process that takes you from the initial contact and quote all the way to the final aftercare for years to come. We pride ourselves on the fantastic relationships that we have with each and every customer.

Feel free to contact our friendly staff for a no obligation, FREE quote.


Double Glazed Windows

Melbourne double glazed windows graphic.We have a wide range of different types of uPVC Double Glazed Windows.

Double Glazed Doors

Melbourne double glazed doors icon.We have everything from French doors to bifold doors available in many different colours and styles.

Replacement Double Glazing

Melbourne retro-fit double glazing pic..Twinglaze-Double Glazing MelbourneWe can fit genuine Double Glazing into your existing frames. If your have good quality frames then our retrofit double glazing is a great, cost effective product.

Contact us for more information or if you would like one of our experienced technicians to come out for a no obligation double glazing measure and quote.


 Posted on : February 6, 2017