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In the most advanced markets in the world for double glazing, Europe and North Amertica, Double Glazing is already the ‘gold standard’ for manufacturing windows and doors. Double Glazing is also the most popular choice there, with market shares reported as high as 80%. Worldwide, of ALL the replacement residential windows sold, over 50% are manufactured with Double Glazing. That’s over 280,000,000 windows a year. Why wasn’t I told?
Highest Thermal and Acoustic Efficiency
From the hottest summer days, to the iciest winter nights, our Double Glazed windows and doors help you to enjoy a comfortable atmosphere in your home. Our patented design keeps you insulated from the outside temperatures, providing you the best available thermal performance possible today. The thermal insulation properties of a material is measured by it’s U-value. The higher the u-value, the poorer the insulation.

Eco Home Solutions uPVC double glazed doors and windows achieve an industry-leading U-value of 2.6. 1.7 U-values can also be acheived. This performance is not just solely due to the superior insulation properties of the material. In addition, the Patented technology used employs air-filled gaps in the profile.
We're hot in Summer. Double Glazing Keeps you Cooler
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