Double Glazing Enhances Your Home Security

Secure your home with double glazed windows.


Windows Should Let Light In, Not Burglars.

Let’s face it. The average home isn’t very secure. Windows and doors are two of the most vulnerable security weakneses that can allow intruders into your home, to rob you of your possessions, and leave you with a feeling of violation. Having your home broken into and burgled is an experience to be avoided.


How Will Burglars Break In Through Your Windows?

Burglar out side window, planning breakin.1. Their first point of attack would be to remove the pane of glass from the window. In many windows in established houses, the glass is fitted from the front, and secured by putty or beading. Remove the putty or beading, and the thief can easily remove the glass pane, and it’s “Open Sesame” for him. But if they can’t remove the glass pane…

2. Their second point of attack would be to force the window open. This would involve using force, and an appropriate tool, to open the window. If that was too difficult, then…

3. Their third avenue of attack could be to try and remove the window from it’s frame. Timber can be splintered, and aluminium can be bent out of shape, so, again, the right tool plus some brute force can let them inside your home. If they can’t do that…

4. Their fourth point of attack could be to lever the whole window and frame from the window cavity of your home. In far too many homes, the window and frame are not attached to the walls of the house securely. If they don’t manage any of these four methods, they’ve still got an easy one left.

5. Their last form of attack is pretty simple. Break the window.


How Do Our Double-Glazed Windows Prevent All This?

Let’s take those methods of attacking your windows we’ve listed above, and we’ll explain how new windows from Eco Home Solutions defeat each, point-by-point.

1. When we build your new window, the IGU (Insulated Glass Unit) is generally fitted into the frame from the inside of the house. There is no putty or beading that can be easily removed; no way for the glass to be removed from the outside.

2. All of our windows are secured by multi-point locking systems. This makes it virtually impossible for the window to be prised from the frame.

3.  Again, all of our windows are secured by multi-point locking systems. This makes it virtually impossible for the window to be detached from the frame.

4. We securely anchor your new window frame to the house- usually the studs, so that it cannot be disloged.

5. Breaking a window is the last resort for the would-be burglar. The noise of breaking glass can alert the homeowner, neighbours, and trigger glass breakage alarms, so they try to avoid breakage. But if all our construction and installation techniques have defeated them, then they may be tempted to smash the glass.

To add tEnhance home security and prevent burglary with secure double=glazed windows.o their frustration, this will be when they discover that you’ve chosen double glazing and/or toughened glass for the exterior pane, and it’s hard to break! Even if they do manage to break the outside glass, they’re then faced with the second pane of glass. Time is their enemy. With the shattering of the first glass pane, neighbours may be investigating, dogs are barking, alarms can be going off. It’s probably a good time for them to get the heck out of there, and choose another, easier victim.

So, you can see that fitting new Eco Home Solutions double-glazed windows take what is probably the must vulnerable security issue of your home, windows, and turn them into the burglar’s third worst nightmare. That’s behind getting caught, and going home empty-handed to the wife;-)

But now you remember all that stuff about splintering wood and bending aluminium we mentioned earlier. Won’t EHS windows suffer the same problems?? Well, in a word, ‘No’.

Our windows and frames are constructed of steel-reinforced uPVC profile. It’s tough. It doesn’t bend. It doesn’t splinter. Apart from providing good looks, long life, low maintenance and unsurpassed insulation properties, our uPVC windows provide the best security for your home.

It’s worth noting here that homeowners choosing the possibly ‘cheap’ option of secondary glazing will miss out on all these home security features.

Let Us Help You Enhance Your Home’s Security

We have gone to a lot of trouble to design our windows to enhance your security. When we visit your home, we’ll discuss your needs, and tailor individual windows to meet them. Call us now on 1300 733 429,  or fill in our online form.


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 Posted on : May 30, 2015