Double Glazing Enhances Energy Efficiency

What Is Energy Efficiency?

Energy Efficiency and it’s related concept, Energy Conservation, both seek to reduce the amount of energy we use, to produce goods or provide services. In our case. we’re seeking to reduce the amount of energy we use to heat and cool our homes.


Why Is Energy Efficiency Important? How Does Double Glazing Help?


Double Glazing Reduces Total Energy Use

Double Glazing Reduces Peak Capacity Required


Double Glazing Reduces Your Greenhouse as Emissions: Your Carbon Footprint


Double Glazing Reduces Your Energy Bills Typical Heating/Cooling Bill; % saved= $$$ ?


What About The Future?


The Cost Of Energy Will Keep Rising  Any saving now will keep growing each year as pricies go up When Time-of-Use Meters are introduced, the cost of electricity at peak times- when you want to use heating & cooling will jump dramaticall. DG helps you get your home to right temp while other lower rates are available

Double glazing quotes for Melbourne homes.




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 Posted on : October 22, 2015