Using Double Glazing For Sound Insulation & Soundproofing


Acoustic insulation sound-proofs your home, reducing noise, and reducing stress.

‘Silence Speaks’-  Creative Commons

In the beginning there was silence, and it was good.

From silence came sound, not all of which was good.

And the sound that was not welcome was called noise.

And there got to be more and more of it, because who wants to rake when you can blow?*

The Sound Of Silence may have been a great song for Simon & Garfunkel, but we get precious little Silence in our hectic, noisy mechanised world.

More than ever, we need our homes to be a refuge, a haven from the pressures and stresses of everyday life, and the amazing array of noise sources that can make life a lot less pleasurable than it could be.

We can control the noise inside our homes. Well, depending on how excited the kids are… etc. What’s harder to control is the noise that comes from outside our home. Every home is different, and every neighbourhood is different, but we can all relate to a number of the major sources of noise pollution.


The Top 10 Sources of Annoying Noise Outside Our Homes.


reduce-aircraft-noisereduce-souund-barking-dogReduce Lawn Mowwer Noise with Double GlazingAnnoying-traffic-noiseleaf-blower-noise





  1. Traffic noise
  2. Barking dogs
  3. Aircraft noise
  4. Train or tram noise
  5. Lawn mowers
  6. Leaf blowers
  7. Arguing neighbours
  8. Loud music
  9. Nearby machinery
  10. Air conditioners
  11. Nearby pubs and clubs

Yes that’s 11 Top 10 points… but we want to deliver more than we promise 😉

No doubt, you can add a few more causes of noise that you would be quite happy living without.

Well, we can’t make the noise go away, but we can help you reduce it, suppress it, insulate against it.


Why Think Double Glazing As Acoustic Insulation For Noise Reduction ?

Pretty simply, windows are the greatest conductors of noise from the outside to the inside of your home. Our traditional 3-4mm single pane glass windows simply let the vast majority of noise in. More than any other factor.

Happily, double glazing isn’t just good for stopping heat transfer. Properly designed, it’s also excellent at soundproofing your home. The combination of the two panes of glass, and gap between them, can provide a dramatic drop in outside noise, as much as  70%. Double glazing is the most effective noise reduction and sound insulation change you can make to your home. If you’re technically-minded, you can read an 11-page sound-insulation-tutorial


So How Do You Design A Window To Reduce Noise Issues In My Home?

We have different element’s that we can add to the double glazed unit to help further reduce noise issues.

For those with more extreme noise problems, we can use hush laminate in the double glazing.  Hush Lam is a special laminated glass that has a 3-ply interlayer. Its designed to further reduce sound that we can find irritating.

If you’re in an area that has extreme noise issues, we can also widen the gap between the two panes of glass, to help reduce noise issues even further.


What Are Some Other Common Causes of Noise Entering The Home?

To name a few…

  • Poorly insulated ceiling
  • Poorly insulated walls
  • Poorly insulated floors
  • Gaps around windows
  • Gaps around doors
  • Air vents to outside
  • Hollow-core, lightweight doors

Improving all, or any of these situations will help reduce the noise entering your home. However, of all the solutions, using double-glazed windows will generally make the biggest difference.


What Should I Do To Get Noise-Reducing Double Glazing?

You need to talk to an expert. A professional who will work with you to design the right window, for the right place, to do the right job. Give us a call today on 1300 733 429, and you can start looking forward to a bit more peace and quiet.

Double glazing reduces traffic and aircraft noise.



 Posted on : April 1, 2015