Double Glazing? Melbourne? Why They Go Together.

Double glazing helps melbourne homs be comfortable all year round.

Double Glazing provides the most benefits when it’s used in an urban setting, and when the climate is such that there is a considerable, and expensive, cold winter. Melbourne fills the bill!


So what are the benefits of double glazing, applied to Melbourne?


Melbourne is cold in Winter. Double Glazing helps keep you warm

Your home can feel freezing in the cold Melbourne winters

Melbourne is cold in Winter- the Bureau of Meteorology confirms it. Your house can feel freezing. To quote,

“Melbourne is one of the few Australian state capitals which ever gets cold in the sense that most of us would recognise the word. June, July and August see average daytime temperatures of around 13°C, but nights can be positively chilly, with dips below freezing not unknown. Winter can also be very grey and overcast, with rain on more than half of the days of the month.”

So how does double glazinng help us handle the cold Melbourne Winter? Unlike old-fashioned single glazing, that lets the heat pour out of your house, double-glazed windows and doors act as an efficient insulator, stopping the heat we’ve just paid for escaping. Learn more…


We’re hot in Summer. Double glazing keeps you cooler.

Melbourne has sweltering hot days in summer.Again, Melbourne is hot in Summer. Your home can feel like a sauna! The average maximum is around 25C. In Holland, 5 consecutive days of 25C+ temperatures is oficially a heatwave! To again quote,

“Summer in Melbourne runs from December to February, and this is the peak tourist season so the city gets very busy. You can expect average daytime highs of around 25°C, but temperatures well into the 40s have been recorded…”

So, how does double glazing from Eco Home Solutions help us handle the hot Melbourne Summers?

  • Coatings on the outside glass pane help cut down the infrared radiation that enters the house.
  • The dual panes of glass, and the argon-filled space between them, cut down on the amount of heat conducting from the hot exterior to the inside of your home.
  • Our modern uPVC framing is an excellent insulator- far superior to old fashioned aluminium framing. Learn more…


Melbourne is noisy, and getting worse. Double glazing cuts outside noise.

Double glazing helps prevent aircraft noise in Melbourne.Does Melbourne suffer from aircraft noise? You betcha! We even have FOUR airports contributing to the problem-   Melbourne Airport at Tullamarine, plus Essendon, Moorabbin, and RAAF Williamstown.

Does Melbourne suffer from traffic noise? Absolutely. Melbourne isn’t all quiet, leafy cul-de-sacs and noise-suppressed freeways. We’re an urban community with ever-busier roads with ever-more traffic; trucks, cars, trams, buses- you name it, we’ve got it. Oh, and trains, too.

Do we suffer from loud neighbours, barking dogs, noisy local business or venues. We sure do.

So, how does double glazing help reduce all of that Melbourne noise spoiling our peace-and-quiet? The noise we hear is vibration, carried by wave through the air. The twin panes of glass in our double-glazed windows & doors stop a large part of the noise from penetrating the window. As with heat, our superior uPVC framing is a very good sound insulator. Learn more…


Melbourne’s Energy prices are high. Double Glazing slashes your heating and cooling bills.

Losing money through windows heat loss.The headline in Melbourne’s Herald-Sun Newspaper tells you what you already know about your heating and cooling bills this year…

ANNUAL household gas and electricity bills are set to surge by up to $250 from January
Victorian homes and small businesses will be slugged with average price rises at least twice the inflation rate, and some at almost five times the CPI.

Savings from the axed carbon tax will be substantially eroded, and in some cases eradicated.

Major retailers have revealed gas charges, which are rising dramatically as domestic prices are linked to the international market, will climb 5.5 to 10 per cent.

Average power increases range from 3.8 to 9.7 per cent, depending on the company and customer location.”

So, how does our double-glazing help you cut you energy costs.? By cutting down on your gas and electricity heating in Winter, and your elctricity cooling bills in Summer. Your wallet will be happy, and your family will be, too, living in a more comfortable home. Learn more about the economics of double glazing…


Our Winters are wet and humid. Read Condensation. Double glazing helps prevent It.

Double glazed windows and doors help prevent condensation in melbourne's humid climate.Condensation forms when warmer humid air inside meets a cold surface- like the single-pane glass in your old-fashioned window.

The twin panes of glass in our double glazed windows and doors prevent heat loss, keep the inner pane of glass warmer, and reduce the incidence of condensation.

Learn more about condensation…


Double Glazing has numerous other benefits not specific to Melbourne.

Double glazing is an excellent investment, in Melbourne, and increases the value of your home..You’ll be happy to know that there are even more benefits to adding double glazing to your Melbourne home. Not the least of which is the money you can save on your heating and cooling bills.

There’s a lot of detailed information on this site about those other benefits, including FAQ’s.

You can see the long list of double glazing benefits here…

If you’re in Melbourne & surrounds, and thinking double glazing, then let us help.

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 Posted on : July 19, 2015