How Much Does Double Glazing Cost?

How much dous double glazing cost. Is it a good investmwnt?There’s not one simple answer to that question. Think of another question… How much does a car cost? The answer “$13,000 to $3,000,000”  doesn’t help you find out the likely cost of the sort of car YOU want. It’s sort of the same with double glazing.

It obviously depends on the size of the window or door, the quality of the units, the different glasses that provide the thermal and noise efficiency.

Everything is custom-made to meet your needs.

Even the installation can vary, depending on the complexity of the installation ( access, double story etc.)

It also depends on whether you are building a new home, or extending or renovating an existing home.

So… Short Answer:

Contact us for a quote for your particular needs. You can call us on 1300 733 429, email us at or fill in the online form.

Or… Long Answer:

There are a lot of variables wrapped up in the questions

  • how much does double glazing cost?
  • what savings will I make on energy bills?
  • how will double glazing improve the value of my home?
  • what other advantages will I get with double glazing?

We’ve taken a bit of time to explain some of these issues below- we hope you find them useful. Remember…

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”

Double Glazing Your New Home


How Much Does It Cost? What’s The Price of Double Glazing?

When you get a quote to fit double glazed windows and doors to your new home, the figure you are quoted ISN’T the “cost of double glazing.” Why?

Because you were already going to be paying for windows and doors anyway. so…


It’s How Much EXTRA Double Glazing Costs

Imaginary figures, just to illustrate the point…

If you were going to spend $ 15,000* for standard windows and doors, and double glazing price was $ 20,000* the true “cost of double glazing” would be $ 5,000… the EXTRA you were paying.

The great thing about choosing double glazing for your new home, or extension, is that you’ll have access to the cheapest finance you can get. Your Mortgage.


You Could Be Cashflow Positive from Day One. How’s That?

Let’s say the extra cost of double glazing is $ 5,000, and you’re taking out a 25 year principal and interest mortgage, and paying 4.84% interest. The EXTRA $ 5,000 will cost you an extra $  28.19 per month to repay. That’s only $ 338 a year.

Depending on your building envelope double glazing can reduce your heating and cooling costs by up to 50%. In most scenarios, the savings per year are greater than the extra cost of fitting double glazing. You make a profit, a positive cashflow, from double glazing. And it means that you get all the benefits of double glazing for FREE.


Established Home Scenario

When considering fitting double glazing to an existing home, you have usually had two options.


With frames

Double glazing costs for established home.For any number of reasons (condition, style, function, maintenance, security etc.), your decision may be that your old frames are going to be taken out.

So, you’ll be buying windows and or doors, complete with frames. It’s impossible here to give any meaningful numbers, because factors can vary so much.

Arranging for a quote to identify issues, and suggest likely costs and benefits is a good idea.


Retrofit a new double glazing unit to an existing frame

Some people are lucky. Their existing frames are in good condition, look good and have a reasonable lifetime left. In recent years, some customers have chosen to fit secondary glazing.

Secondary glazing is a term that covers everything from plastic film taped to the inside of existing windows, to acrylic panes attached magnetically. Leaving aside the DIY-style gladwrap and tape solution, simply fitting a second glass/acrylic pane inside is second best. By leaving the existing, inadequate outside panel in place…

  • Doesn’t solve any heat or sound transfer that occurs from the outside pane- the inefficiency of the existing panel remains
  • You are unable to specify toughened glass outside for accidental damage or security reasons
  • You are unable to unable to specify special glasses that reduce sound transmission
  • Your are unable to specify special glasses outside that reflect away more heat from the outside
  • But what if there was a way to get ALL of the benefits and options of double glazing, fitted to your existing frames? How good would that be?


Introducing TwinGlaze Retrofit, Replacement Double Glazing

If your current frames are good, but you want REAL double glazing without paying for new frames, our sister company, Twinglaze has the answer you need. True double glazing units, custom made to fit your existing frames. You’ll get the quality double glazing you want, at a lower price. Read more, and watch the video that shows how easy it is to fit into your existing frames.


Should I Think Of Double Glazing As An Investment?

Double glazing is an excellent investment, with a high return.Yes, you should. Double glazing is an investment of money, and a very good one at that. You can calculate an approximate Return On Investment (ROI).

Calculate how much you receive in savings as a percentage of the extra you paid.

If your cost was $5,000, and your savings were $ 1,000 per year, your ROI would be 20%. Yes, that ROI would be way better than any other investment you could make. And, don’t forget that your ROI on your investment in double glazing is tax-free.



BTW, That Means You Get All The Benfits of Double Glazing For FREE.

Yes, if double glazing is a more than worthwhile financial investment, then all the benefits of double glazing come for FREE…

  • The added comfort of your home
  • The reduced outside noise
  • The reduce wear and tear on your heating and cooling systems
  • The prevention of condensation- mould & mildew, etc


But Wait! There’s More!

Let’s compare investment apples with investment apples.

Let’s say another investment makes you a 10% ROI. Firstly, congratulate yourself, that’s a good return. BUT, if you pay tax, it’s not quite that good. If you pay 25% tax, then you’ll get an after-tax return of 7.5%. For every dollar you make, you’ll get 75c to spend.

The savings you make from fitting double glazing are not taxed. For every dollar you save, you’ll have a whole $1 to spend.

So, when doing your sums, remember that double glazing provides a tax-free return.

And remember that when the mortgage is paid out, you stop paying out, but the savings keep coming in.

Of course, those savings, and your ROI, keep climbing every year, as energy prices go up.


Double glazing can increase your home's market value.But Wait! There’s Even MORE!

No, this isn’t where we offer you the Six Free Steak Knives 😉 It’s where we tell you that fitting double glazing can positively affect the value of your home. Yes…


Installing Double Glazing Can Increase Increase Your Home’s Value

Of course, the benefits of double glazing will transfer to anyone who buys (or rents) you home in the future. Any Real Estate Agent worth his salt will catalogue the benefits the new buyer or renter will receive. Lower energy bills is obviously the biggie.


Double Glazing Raises The Star Rating Of Your Home.


Let The Bureau Of Statistics Give You The Good News On Increasing Your Home Efficiency

The Australian Bureau Of Statistics was commissioned by the Australian Government to produe a Report to see if energy efficiency  ratings had an affect on housing prices. Long story short, they do. The Report, undertaken in 2005-6, and to quote it:

“the basic assumption was that across the range (0 to 10) of EER star rating, an increment of 0.5 amounts to a constant 1.2 per cent increase in house price.” That’s 2.4% per each star rating increase.

If you spent $ 10,000 dollars to fit double glazing, and that raised the value of your $400,000 home by 2.4%, that would be $ 9,600! How good would that be? Don’t take our word for it, read the Report for yourself here…

Ric Butt, a leading Sustainable Architect at Strine Environments, gives an excellent, concrete example…

“Recently, the addition of good double glazed windows…  took one of our houses from 7.5 stars to 9.5 stars.”


Consider The Cost Of Doing Nothing: Of NOT Double Glazing

Thinking about the return on a double glazing investment.

Sadly, there’s always a cost in NOT acting.

Yes, double glazing costs money. But so does NOT fitting double glazing.

In finance, they talk about opportunity cost. Applied to our situation, it says that by NOT fitting double glazing, your are choosing to continue experiencing a lot of unpleasant things. You are, in effect, choosing…

  • To be exposed to high, and ever-rising heating and cooling costs
  • To put up with excessive outside noise
  • To be hotter in summer
  • To be colder in winter
  • To put up with large swings in temperature in your home
  • To have shorter lives for your heating and cooling systems
  • To be exposed to mould and mildew through condensation etc., etc.


So Double Glazing Is A Good Investment For Your Home. Let us Show You HOW Good.

Arrange a quote, and we’ll come to your home, analyse your needs, discuss your choices, and give you a quote based on the best outcome. Give us a call today on 1300 733 429 and we’ll get the ball rolling.


Saving money by investing in double glazing.



 Posted on : April 16, 2015