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Double Glazing provides the most benefits when it’s used in an urban setting, and when the climate is such that there is a considerable, and expensive, cold winter and hot summers. Melbourne fills the bill!
Melbourne is Cold in Winter. Double Glazing Keeps you Warm
“Melbourne is one of the few Australian state capitals which ever gets cold in the sense that most of us would recognise the word.  June, July and August see average daytime temperatures of around 13°C, but nights can be positively chilly, with dips below freezing not unknown.  Winter can also be very grey and overcast, with rain on more than half of the days of the month.”
We're hot in Summer. Double Glazing Keeps you Cooler
Again, Melbourne is hot in Summer. Your home can feel like a sauna! To again quote WorldWeatherOnline, “Summer in Melbourne runs from December to February, and this is the peak tourist season so the city gets very busy. You can expect average daytime highs of around 25°C - 30°C, but temperatures well into the 40's are also common…”
Melbourne's Energy Prices are High ! Double Glazing slashes your heating and cooling bills !
So, how does our double-glazing help you cut you energy costs.? By cutting down on your gas and electricity heating in Winter, and your electricity cooling bills in Summer. Your wallet will be happy, and your family will be, too, living in a more comfortable home.
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