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Let’s face it. The average home isn’t very secure. Windows and doors are two of the most vulnerable security weakness that can allow intruders into your home, to rob you of your possessions, and leave you with a feeling of violation. Having your home broken into and burgled is an experience to be avoided.
Eco Home Solutions Multi-Point Locking Systems
All of our Double Glazed windows are secured by multi-point locking systems making them virtually impossible for the window to be prised from the frame. All windows include fly screens and key locks.

To add to their frustration, even if they do manage to break the outside glass, they’re then faced with the second pane of glass. Time is their enemy. With the shattering of the first glass pane, neighbours may be investigating, dogs are barking, alarms can be going off. It’s probably a good time for them to get the heck out of there, and choose another, easier victim.
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