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Many factors are taken into consideration when providing you with a Double Glazed window replacement quotation. It depends on the size of your windows or doors, your existing windows, All Windows and Doors are custom-made to meet your needs. Even the installation can vary, depending on the complexity of the installation ( access, double story etc.) It also depends on whether you are building a new home, or extending or renovating an existing home.
Australian Bureau of Statistics - Double Glazing Benefit
The Australian Bureau Of Statistics was commissioned by the Australian Government to produce a Report to see if energy efficiency ratings had an affect on housing prices. Long story short, they do. The Report, undertaken in 2005-6, and to quote it:“the basic assumption was that across the range (0 to 10) of EER star rating, an increment of 0.5 amounts to a constant 1.2 per cent increase in house price.” That’s 2.4% per each star rating increase.

If you spent $ 10,000 dollars to fit double glazing, and that raised the value of your $400,000 home by 2.4%, that would be $ 9,600! How good would that be? Don’t take our word for it, read the Report for yourself here…Ric Butt, a leading Sustainable Architect at Strine Environments, gives an excellent, concrete example…“Recently, the addition of good double glazed windows…  took one of our houses from 7.5 stars to 9.5 stars.”
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